Muffin review: Eddie’s of Mt. Vernon


I’ve been doing a little exploring here in my new Baltimore town, and one of the places that’s recommended to the student population (and now for the Varsity kitchens) is a local grocery store called Eddie’s of Mt. Vernon.

Having grown up in small town New Jersey with only large chains of grocery stores nearby, Eddie’s, a mom and pop grocery store two blocks away from me, is a totally new experience.

It’s a quaint little shop with a deli counter, fresh local produce and a decent selection of other items. Since it’s so close, I figured this would be a great place to start sampling some of Baltimore’s homemade baked goods. (Apparently, this store also carries Bergers Cookies, a classic, Baltimore-based treat. I will be going back tomorrow to see if I can find these cookies!)

Today I picked up a whole grain, banana blueberry muffin, topped with a delicious, sweet glaze.

As you can see, the muffin isn’t exactly packed with blueberries, so this turned to be a of a banana muffin with glaze, which, in my opinion, isn’t a bad thing. This was a moist, think muffin with great banana taste and little pops of blueberries.

I look forward to going back and trying the other flavors!

Cost: $1.99
Servings: 2
Location: Eddie’s of Mt. Vernon