Early summer favorites

I’m back in the food blogging world, and it seems like everyone has been keeping busy in my absence. There are a ton of new recipes to check out, with me eagerly looking at each one as a possibility.

This strawberry cheesecake tart from A Recipe a Day is super simple and an excellent way to make use of one of the most perfect summer fruits: strawberries!

One of my most favorite food bloggers, At Home in Alaska, came up with the perfectly divine combination of cream cheese, strawberries, and chocolate in her latest pound cake recipe. There’s nothing like the dynamic duo of chocolate and strawberries on top of cake!

A simplistic cheesecake recipe is jazzed up with simple jelly and a white chocolate squiggle in Bakerella’s latest post. It gives me comfort to know that even the professionals get cracks in their cheesecakes.

After many months of watching and waiting, the infamous Chockylit has finally posted again on her blog Cupcake Bakeshop. Readers are awarded with a grape cupcake recipe, as unusualness seems to be her speciality.

These tiny jasmine cakes from Dessert First look exceptionally beautiful and delicate. Using flower essences is something that I’m not fond of, but I can’t resist this as a birthday cake option!

I ❤ cuppycakes lastest recipe is based off of a fast food place I’ll never be able to go to because Jack-in-the-Boxes don’t exist in New Jersey. Hey, I was happy enough to finally get a Sonic. Her burger cupcakes are a sweet take on the old classic cheeseburger cookies.