Recipe Round-Up, Pillsbury edition

As of yesterday, it’s been exactly one week since I moved to Baltimore. I’ve spent more money outfitting this place and buying food than I care to admit, but I figure, since it’s the first week, that it’ll settle down next week and I won’t want to go out to the stores so much. It’s still a full two weeks until classes start. Not sure what I’m going to do with myself, BUT I do have one idea.

My roommate moved in on Tuesday and as she doesn’t cook, looks like I’m going to be feeding both of us. I think this would not be the best time to mention that I am not an A-class chef.

Thanks to websites like Pillsbury and Kraft Foods, even a beginning cook like myself can make dinner as special a treat as dessert.

“Flaky biscuits top these veggie-packed pot pies. The individual servings are a nice change from passing hot pie pans or casserole dishes at the table.” – Pillsbury

“Do stuffed peppers one better by nestling them in delicious flaky biscuits.” – Pillsbury


“A Cornish hen, roasted to perfection with an apple-scented glaze, is fancy enough for a special occasion, but easy enough for a simple dinner for two.” – Pillsbury

“Grandma may not be ready to reveal her Italian-sausage-and-peppers recipe, so make this smart version instead—a simple but bold twist on the classic.” – Kraft Foods

“Pasta? Check. Chicken? Check. Cheese? You bet. All you need is a single pot to turn these on-hand ingredients into a veggieful main that can be part of a smart eating plan.” – Kraft Foods

And that’s our round-up for today. Stay tuned for next week’s recipe post! – Niki



Mini Biscuit Pizzas

Oh, Bakers Anonymous family, things are getting crazier than ever here. Remember late last year when I got it into my head that I would start doing dinner bakes? And then I promptly stopped doing them?

Yeah. I don’t really remember it either.

But that’s about to change! Starting this very day, every last week of the month, Bakers Anonymous will feature a different dinner bake. In my old, wizened age, I’ve realized that one cannot always eat brownies, cookies or cake, despite desperate attempts to do so.

I ate pizza instead.

Mini Biscuit Pizzas

Originally based on this recipe from Pillsbury.

1 tube of Pillsbury’s Grands! Flaky Biscuits (do NOT use the Homestyle butter biscuits)
1/2 to 1 C of pasta or pizza sauce (Prego’s chunky garden sauce with mushrooms and peppers)
1 bag of part-skim mozzarella cheese
1 package of sliced pepperoni (or any other toppings you want)

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Line a cookie sheet with foil.
2. Pop open the can of biscuits. There are eight to a container. I was able to place four to a sheet.
3. Spread out each biscuit using your hands or a rolling pin. Press into a five to six-inch circle, depending on how thin you want your crust and the desired size of your pizzas.
4. Spread tablespoons or more of the sauce on each pizza.
5. Top with as much cheese as you want.
6. Place your toppings on the pizza. I fit five pepperoni slices to each.
7. Bake in the oven for about seven minutes (my oven was very hot, so it baked faster. You might have to bake for longer, up to fifteen minutes).
8. Cool the pizzas slightly before removing from the pan.

Makes up to eight pizzas.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Croissants

Sunday was Mother’s Day, and if your weather was anything like New Jersey’s gorgeous 80 degrees, I bet you enjoyed it by staying outside and playing with your family.

I stayed inside, out of the sun, so my pale self could stay that way. Oh yeah, and I made these delicious croissants for my friend (who’s like a second mother to me) because she’s awesome. And I’ve been spending way too much time on Pinterest. Did you know that Pillsbury has its own Pinterest boards?

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Croissants

1 can of Crescent rolls (I used reduced fat)
1/4 C strawberry preserves
1/4 C semi-sweet mini chocolate chips

1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. I used a non-stick cookie sheet lined with foil, so if you use something different, make sure to note the temperature changes on the can’s package.
2. Unroll the crescent rolls into the eight triangles.
3. Spread about one to two teaspoons of the preserves on the short end opposite of the triangle point (crescent rolls are usually isosceles), and then sprinkle with some chocolate chips (however many you want).
4. Roll the dough up, tucking in the sides and the point to ensure that the filling doesn’t leak out.
5. Spread the bundles evenly on the tray.
6. Bake for 12 minutes, until golden brown on top. Serve while warm.

Makes eight.

Saturday Recipe Round-up, Week 5

Good afternoon, Bakers Anonymous family! It’s Saturday, but more importantly, it’s my Grammy’s birthday. Happy birthday Grammy! You’re awesome.

In honor of her, and tomorrow’s holiday (Mother’s Day, in case you forgot), here are five of my favorite posts featuring delicious treats to make for the mother (or mother-figure, Lord knows I’ve got lots of those, too) in your life.

Usually I don’t post recipes from big company websites like Pillsbury or Hershey’s, but this Chocolate-covered Oreo cake couldn’t be passed up. Many thanks to Lindsay from the berteau life for sharing this with the whole world. I really want to make this cake as soon as possible. I’m so serious about this.

Bakerella, ever the inspiration, created this Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana pudding, made extra special through the use of jars, ribbon and a nifty paper cutter. Now, if only I could find some cute little jars just like she used.

Bakers Royale threw down with the very spring appropriate Strawberry Shortcake Bars. Not only are the bright pink (natural coloring people, no worries), but they are also coated in the perfect streusel topping! I think I want to take that topping and eating it on its own. For realsies.

Need more strawberry? Because I know I do. And let’s add in some chocolate chips, okay? All that goodness equals Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cake from Eat at Home Cooks. From the perfect strawberry icing to the sweet chocolate chips, this cake is sure to be a winner.

And for the final recipe share, more strawberry! (I’m sensing that summer is coming soon) Confessions of a Cookbook Queen made these luxurious Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes with homemade strawberry filling on top. Pretty and light? Yes, please.

– Niki

Bakers Anonymous Thanksgiving: Prologue

Welcome to the first-ever Bakers Anonymous Thanksgiving! This Recipe Roundup focuses on my menu for this Thursday (is it really Thursday? Let the panic attacks ensue). I hope it gives you some ideas on what you’d like to make for your own family!

Photo courtesy of Taste of Home.

My main dish for Thanksgiving this year is Cornish Game Hens. Not only are they the most adorable little bits of poultry in the world, they are also an easy and relatively fast alternative to the traditional turkey. And for me, the woman who’s hosting Thanksgiving for the first time (ever), it’s the less stressful way to go. I’m going to prepare them using the Recipe Inspirations seasoning card from McCormick. I’m obsessed with these cards. They make preparing flavorful meals simple, as well as ensuring that I’ll have all the spices I need when cooking in a kitchen not my own!

Photo courtesy of Taste of Home.

In my family, the second most important dish is stuffing. Usually we go with the boxed version (that we ADORE), but this year, I’m jazzing it up Bakers Anonymous-style and adding sausage, apples and onions (probably no celery, according to this recipe).

Accompanying my stuffing and hens will be red potatoes, my favorite potato to use due to its versatility. I’m adding in Green Giant frozen vegetables of the honey-glazed carrot and spring vegetable variety; olives (green and black both), and yummy Pillsbury biscuits. Grammy is bringing in her usual fruit and vegetable trays (automatic party winner) and I’m bringing, besides everything else, the tried and true pigs in a blanket, made with Pillsbury crescents and Hillshire farm lil smokies (SO GOOD).

Of course there will be delicious desserts, so stay tuned later this week for my Thanksgiving dinner!

P.S. I forgot to mention the family holiday favorite, jellied cranberry sauce! Because who doesn’t love cranberry sauce in a can? It makes serving so much easier.