Recipe Round-Up, Pillsbury edition

As of yesterday, it’s been exactly one week since I moved to Baltimore. I’ve spent more money outfitting this place and buying food than I care to admit, but I figure, since it’s the first week, that it’ll settle down next week and I won’t want to go out to the stores so much. It’s still a full two weeks until classes start. Not sure what I’m going to do with myself, BUT I do have one idea.

My roommate moved in on Tuesday and as she doesn’t cook, looks like I’m going to be feeding both of us. I think this would not be the best time to mention that I am not an A-class chef.

Thanks to websites like Pillsbury and Kraft Foods, even a beginning cook like myself can make dinner as special a treat as dessert.

“Flaky biscuits top these veggie-packed pot pies. The individual servings are a nice change from passing hot pie pans or casserole dishes at the table.” – Pillsbury

“Do stuffed peppers one better by nestling them in delicious flaky biscuits.” – Pillsbury


“A Cornish hen, roasted to perfection with an apple-scented glaze, is fancy enough for a special occasion, but easy enough for a simple dinner for two.” – Pillsbury

“Grandma may not be ready to reveal her Italian-sausage-and-peppers recipe, so make this smart version instead—a simple but bold twist on the classic.” – Kraft Foods

“Pasta? Check. Chicken? Check. Cheese? You bet. All you need is a single pot to turn these on-hand ingredients into a veggieful main that can be part of a smart eating plan.” – Kraft Foods

And that’s our round-up for today. Stay tuned for next week’s recipe post! – Niki



For the love of Oreos

I finally got around to making the Easy Oreo Truffles I found on the Kraft Foods Web site. Here is a slide show recipe that is easy to follow! Have fun making your own truffles.

Easy Oreo Truffles

Easy Oreo TrufflesI was purusing the Internet for a delicious, yet simple truffle recipe (I only have chocolate chips and a few other choice ingredients at my disposal at the moment) when I came across this gem for Easy Oreo Truffles.These are definitely on my to-make list as soon as I purchase some cream cheese!

Sniff around the rest of the KraftFoods website for other fantastic dessert recipes (like the one on the front page for Chocolate Truffle Pie).

Get caught up on all your Oreo history. There are facts and products I didn’t even know. These cookies have a complicated history that streches all the way back to 1912!

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