Blueberry muffins, Betty Crocker style

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Here at Bakers’ Anonymous, we love baking mixes because it gives us the opportunity to take fancy desserts and cut the baking time in half. So, when there are sales at Shop Rite that match up with coupons from the newspaper, guess how many boxes of mix come home with me?

Yeah. A lot.

At the last sale, I picked up a Betty Crocker blueberry muffin mix pouch because 1) I love muffins, and 2) muffins are delicious for breakfast. And according to the pouch, all I have to do is add water to the mix and BAM, muffins will appear.

So I made the muffins, baking them according to directions, even pouring them into cupcake liners. The batter makes exactly six muffins, so this mix is great for a family looking for a quick breakfast or for a simple baking exercise with the kids. It only takes about 20 minutes for the muffins to bake. I recommend eating the muffins after baking, because the batter is actually quite thick and sticks to the wrapper.

Note how much of the muffin gets stuck to the wrapper. Missing pieces from my muffin are a no-go.

Be careful not to bake too long, because, as you can see from this picture, the bottoms cook very quickly.

The interior of the muffin isn't dry at all. It's slightly cakey, though the exterior can be stiff overnight.

I recommend this mix if you want only six muffins for a quick family breakfast (and are going to eat them right away!), otherwise, make sure that you get the Betty Crocker box mix, which gives you more muffins, though it is a little bit more work.

I give this ** out of ***** .

Niki’s Note: The star scale is as follows: * – don’t eat! ** – maybe you’ll like it; *** – worth a shot; **** – you would LOVE this! ***** – why are you sitting there? Go GET THIS.