Recipe Round-up, Breakfast style


After five years of living “on my own,” I’ve realized that it is much easier to go into a grocery store with a set idea in mind of what you’d like to eat.

With that said, I’ve started to plan my meals.

Crazy, I know, but in the long run, I think it’ll be easier, especially since grad school starts in just over a week (and my roommate’s classes start next Monday). Planning out the meals will make shopping more efficient, I won’t feel so lost when I go to the grocery store AND I’ll know what’s for dinner when I get home.

Amazing, the power of planning.

But while I’m just planning dinner, that doesn’t mean the importance of breakfast (or lunch) has been lost to me. This week’s round up is dedicated to the scrumptious-ness that is the first meal of the day – breakfast.

Baking pancakes is an entirely new concept to me, but I think after seeing this recipe from the Big Red Kitchen, I have to try it!

From the same genius who brought about the aforementioned pancake squares comes baked cinnamon roll pancakes. O.M.G.


Thank you, Pinterest, for introducing me to these pancake bites filled with cooked breakfast sausage! I am SO making these Monday morning.

And now I have to get a waffle iron. These maple sausage waffles are the stuff of my dreams.

Coffee cake is for breakfast time, right? If it’s not, then I will start a campaign to MAKE IT SO (Number One).

– Stay tuned for next week’s updated about lunch! YUM.


Saturday Recipe Round-up

Bakers Anonymous, it’s Cinco de Mayo!

And to me, that means absolutely nothing except recovering from the crazy time I had last night (huzzah for besties and “family” reunions!) and looking at wonderful recipes. Let’s see what’s happened this week, shall we?

Breakfast on a Stick – fact or fiction? Rather, I think it to be the most ingenious idea ever. Babble’s Family Kitchen has hit upon a brilliant idea with this sweet and simple breakfast. I love waffles, I love fruit and I love Cool Whip.

How don’t know how she does it, but Alaska Mom has come up with yet another wonderful recipe – Skillet Cream Puff Pie. Not only does this pie look delicious, but it’s also tres, tres simple. Hopefully, I’ll be brave enough to tackle this treat soon!

Blueberries. Cream cheese. Coffee Cake. What could be better than combining all three of these things? Confessions of a Cookbook Queen came up with this delectable breakfast? lunch? dinner? dessert? (who cares?) recipe; I really think it’s the cream cheese that puts it over the edge.

So, Lemon Curd is something I’ve never really thought about doing, but this simple, six-ingredient recipe from Satisfy My Sweet Tooth actually inspires me to go into the great culinary unknown. I can do this! I can do this?

And to wrap it all up, this wouldn’t be Bakers Anonymous without a tad more cream cheese? These cream cheese chocolate chip cookies from Bake or Break could quite possibly become my go-to cookie.

– Niki

This week’s baked favorites

My fellow food bloggers are amazing to the point of where I want to quit college and do nothing but bake and blog every day! Then I realize I’m 19 years-old and kind of need a college degree. Oh well. While I’m waiting to actualize my pastry dreams, these are some of my favorite recipes this week.

A Recipe a Day made Hawaiian rolls with her bread machine this week, though she did have a few qualms with the recipe. Too much lemon flavor “detracted” from the roll itself.

Simple chocolate chip cookies were the Mar. 1 post on Cookie Madness. Baked on the top rack of her oven at 300 degrees, a lower temperature than the traditional 375, these cookies will come out super chewy!

The latest recipe from Half Baked boggled my mind. It just doesn’t make sense to me that a chocolate cake could be made without flour. I mean, how does it become CAKE?!

What could be better than a root beer and chocolate cake? ADD CHOCOLATE FROSTING. Sweet Tooth was definitely tuning into my brain waves this past week when she posted a recipe from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking.

What could be more delicious than Pumpkin Coffee Cake? Tami’s Kitchen Table Talk came up with this delicious variation on the beloved coffee cake when she discovered she didn’t have vanilla pudding! See? Mistakes CAN bring joy.

What’s baking? cleverly used cherry pie filling in her Cherry Delights because regular cherries were not available in her grocery stores. Pie filling is definitely something to keep on hand when the fruits you want are out of season. It’s not just for pies anymore!