Saturday Recipe Round-up, Week 5

Good afternoon, Bakers Anonymous family! It’s Saturday, but more importantly, it’s my Grammy’s birthday. Happy birthday Grammy! You’re awesome.

In honor of her, and tomorrow’s holiday (Mother’s Day, in case you forgot), here are five of my favorite posts featuring delicious treats to make for the mother (or mother-figure, Lord knows I’ve got lots of those, too) in your life.

Usually I don’t post recipes from big company websites like Pillsbury or Hershey’s, but this Chocolate-covered Oreo cake couldn’t be passed up. Many thanks to Lindsay from the berteau life for sharing this with the whole world. I really want to make this cake as soon as possible. I’m so serious about this.

Bakerella, ever the inspiration, created this Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana pudding, made extra special through the use of jars, ribbon and a nifty paper cutter. Now, if only I could find some cute little jars just like she used.

Bakers Royale threw down with the very spring appropriate Strawberry Shortcake Bars. Not only are the bright pink (natural coloring people, no worries), but they are also coated in the perfect streusel topping! I think I want to take that topping and eating it on its own. For realsies.

Need more strawberry? Because I know I do. And let’s add in some chocolate chips, okay? All that goodness equals Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cake from Eat at Home Cooks. From the perfect strawberry icing to the sweet chocolate chips, this cake is sure to be a winner.

And for the final recipe share, more strawberry! (I’m sensing that summer is coming soon) Confessions of a Cookbook Queen made these luxurious Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes with homemade strawberry filling on top. Pretty and light? Yes, please.

– Niki


Memorial Day fun


I may not have gone to a memorial day parade, or even worn our country’s colors, but in my heart, I remember all the men and women of the service who have died and lived in honor of the United States of America. Both of my grandfathers, my grandmother, my father, and my boyfriend, who came home from his tour of duty in Iraq in December, served with pride in the military. I am proud to call them family.

Today Grammy and I feasted on delicious Johnsonville Brats and corn on the cob. I am delighted to announce that brats are even better than hot dogs, but don’t think that will make me change my loyalties during an old-fashioned summer grill.

Here are two desserts that Grammy and I partook of:

Chocolate Fudge Cake from the New Vincentown Diner:

chocolate cake

Personal watermelons from BJ’s:


We still have a whole watermelon left, so I’m going to see if I can’t come up with a recipe that includes it. Watermelon cake?

Nothing crazy happened today, but I’m going to turn in early all the same. I have some summer recipes I’m eager to try out, and a LOT of cleaning I need to do. Remind me never to move this much stuff again?

Flag picture provided courtesy of McCubrey

Get your chocolate fix from Super Fresh!

Cake slice

Grammy and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to food shopping. We’ll run off in two different directions at any given grocery store, perusing aisles for tempting treats and, on some occasions, cabbage. This past trip to Super Fresh we picked up a few odds and ends, as well as an interesting chocolate loaf cake.

Chocolate cakeFor three dollars, Grammy and I purchased a double chocolate chip loaf creme cake (they came up with the name, not me) that looked to be quiet interesting.

The cake came in a white wrapper, to seal in freshness, I assume, and was kind of a nuisance to take off the cake. Especially when I wanted a slice right then!

The cake is fairly easy to cut, but crumbles easily. The room temperature cake was pretty good, though I did refrigerate a slice just to see if it were any better, and it was. Definitely eat this cake with a scoop of ice cream on the side! You can’t go wrong.

Don’t be fooled by the “double chocolate chip” name, however, because this cake could use another cup of mini chocolate chips. That could be my chocoholic side calling out, but hey, I’m allowed.

As a sidenote, I can’t recall tasting any creme in this cake. Maybe it was in the glaze?

Cake topDon’t want to leave your house for some loaf cake? Try this out!

Quick Facts:

Serves: about 6 decent-sized slices

Cost: $4.00

Best served: cold, with a scoop of ice cream

Tastes like: Moist chocolate cake with a hint of chocolate chips

Bakers Anonymous’ favorites!

I love a good holiday, and yesterday’s Saint Patrick’s Day seemed to bring out the creative side in all my fellow bloggers. Here are my favorites for this week!

A Recipe a Day worked on creating a beautiful menu for a bridal shower. Simple and delicious, these tea sandwiches are just the thing to fill up a tummy without taking up the “cake” room.

At Home in Alaska made a stunning pistachio cake for Saint Patrick’s Day. I totally approve of putting pudding in the cake mix to make it moist. You never know what could happen to your Bundt cake.

Just returned from the Pioneer Woman ranch, Bakerella mixed up some green Bundt cake for Saint Patrick’s day using matcha, a sweet Japanese green tea. What an interesting way to get color in your food without using dye! (I have to remember that . . .)

A delicious 1-2-3-4 chocolate cake graced the front page of Cooking for Comfort, something different than the typical emerald baked goods. While there are more than four ingredients, the name comes from the base recipe requirements: one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, and four eggs.

How could I not give out kudos to Something New is Cooking who posted a recipe for homemade chocolate pudding? While I am pudding-mix kind of girl myself (thank goodness that my boyfriend doesn’t mind that!), I can always appreciate when someone goes out and makes the real thing.

Cupcake Project deserves a huge pat on the back when it comes to her latest recipe, Carob Cupcakes with Chicory, Dates, Figs, and Almonds. While the recipe looks out of my league, it sounds and looks exotic. I wish I could have one! 😦