Recipe Round-Up (More than a little delayed…)

hey there, Bakers Anonymous family. Umm. This is typically a Saturday event, but I was a tad bit busy. You see …


I’m more than excited for her (freakin’ thrilled really), and cannot wait to start planning the wedding (I mean, helping to plan the wedding. Check my sweet wedding planning Pinterest board. I have refused to start one for myself because I think it’s ridiculous to plan non-existent weddings. But that’s just me).

So I was a tad bit distracted. And then there was her graduation party. And then there was Freelance Work Sunday.

And now there’s regular work Monday. But guess what? I found all of these awesome brownie-related recipes.

Confessions of a Cookbook Queen made these amazing brownie truffles using pantry staples! And it’s no-bake. With the crazy, million degree-weather we’ve been having lately, why try to bake anything?

Ever heard of brownie batter bark? Well, now you have, AND you have the awesome recipe courtesy of Cookies & Cups.

If you’re looking to cool down, try these brownie sundae bonbons from Bakerella. She uses a delicious (but small) scoop of ice cream in the center and tops it off with a brownie. Keep these in your freezer for an instant bite of happiness.

A great dish to serve at your summer parties would be these Rolo brownie trifles. Layers of ice cream, brownies and the chocolate-caramel confection named Rolos combine to create the perfect warm-weather treat from Bakingdom.

And if you are in the mood for some baking, try Bakers Royale’s brownie sandwich cookies (with salted caramel creme filling!). Chewy brownies plus a simple creme filling make for a tasty, hand-held treat.

Stay tuned for our regularly scheduled Wednesday update!
– Niki 


Saturday Recipe Round-up, week 9

My dearest Bakers Anonymous family, I can’t even begin to express how crazy of a week this has been. And it’s only Saturday.

Sure, I’m going to spend this day doing laundry and a million other miscellaneous things, but this one day, this Saturday for which I’ve been waiting the entire week is finally here. Thank you, Jesus. So, let’s check out some baked things.

Starting with the healthy stuff, check out this recipe for homemade granola from Krissy’s Creations. I do love granola bars (especially the ones from Sunbelt. Have you ever had those? There’s COCONUT in them. OMG, I die) and now I can easily make my own! What’s that? I hear applause for no preservatives. And this recipe lasts for a month! A MONTH!

Switching gears, how about some chocolate chip cookie dough billionaire bars from the BrownEyedBaker? Made with egg-free cookie dough, this bar is a multi-layered treat featuring shortbread crust, caramel, cookie dough and a chocolate glaze! Not for the faint of heart.

Have a birthday party coming up? Try making this “perfectly delightful” vanilla birthday cake from Sweetapolita. You can do any color variation and it will taste (and look) amazing!

Or, if you’re in the mood for just some delicious cake, use this chocolate chip banana cake recipe from Bakers Royale. It comes with cream cheese frosting! You know you want to. 😀

And, if you’re in the mood for banana cake, but don’t want the “guilt,” try one of these banana pudding cupcakes from Confessions of  a Cookbook Queen. It’s topped with mounds of fluffy, white frosting and filled with banana pudding. Umm, yes please.

I’m off to go to do laundry or maybe something else productive. Who knows? – Niki

Saturday Recipe Round-up, Week 6 (evening edition)

Today was too lovely to stay at home watching TV and pretending to work like I usually do, so I went to my dad’s house (I call him Popsicle because I’m cool like that. You know, Pop-sicle? Cause he’s my pop? Yeah, moving on…) and went shopping for hours with my sister Brittany! She’s nineteen and we’re finally back to being the same size as the other. It was a lot of fun to be in the dressing room with her and pass dresses back and forth. If one dress didn’t look good on her, it did on me. It all works out in the end.

Except for jeans. Le sigh.

Anyway, hence the lateness of today’s recipe round-up. Usually I’m better about scheduling and writing, but this week was horrrrrrrriffic (thank you, after-commencement madness), so I took the evenings off to sit on the couch, cheer on the Phillies (love me some Hunter Pence, mmm mmm) and eat a lot of Dove chocolate.

It was so worth it.

We have a variety of delicious goodies for you today, starting with my personal favorite, a Coconut Cream Poke Cake from The Country Cook. Is there anything more perfect than a fluffy white cake filled with sweet coconut cream?

Even though I’m not a huge peanut butter fan, I think I could learn to love it with this Peanut Butter Fudge Cake from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. Aren’t Reese’s peanut butter cups magical? They can solve the world’s problems. Maybe all chocolate can. . . .

Speaking of solving problems, ever have a debate about what kind of toppings/fillings you should use in your baked treats? Never have an argument again with these Monster Cookie Bars from Bakers Royale. Very similar to those seven-layer bars of which everyone has her own version, these monster bars feature M&M’s, almonds and peanut butter cups.

If you’re craving something simple (and need about three dozen cookies), try these Brown Butter Brown Sugar Cookies from Krissy’s Creations. I’ve been meaning to try out browned butter in a recipe for some time now, and these cookies look like perfect medium!

I know I said the first one was my favorite, but this also counts! These Mini-Grasshopper Pies from Bakingdom look so adorable and are my long-awaited reason to purchase other liqueurs besides amaretto (I’m only slighted addicted to Disaronno). Also, I need to buy some tart pans. Or maybe I can use my lined cupcake pans? Hmm.

But that’s a thought for next week. Enjoy your Sunday, folks. It’s going to be another day of perfect weather in New Jersey.

– Niki

Saturday Recipe Round-up, Week 5

Good afternoon, Bakers Anonymous family! It’s Saturday, but more importantly, it’s my Grammy’s birthday. Happy birthday Grammy! You’re awesome.

In honor of her, and tomorrow’s holiday (Mother’s Day, in case you forgot), here are five of my favorite posts featuring delicious treats to make for the mother (or mother-figure, Lord knows I’ve got lots of those, too) in your life.

Usually I don’t post recipes from big company websites like Pillsbury or Hershey’s, but this Chocolate-covered Oreo cake couldn’t be passed up. Many thanks to Lindsay from the berteau life for sharing this with the whole world. I really want to make this cake as soon as possible. I’m so serious about this.

Bakerella, ever the inspiration, created this Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana pudding, made extra special through the use of jars, ribbon and a nifty paper cutter. Now, if only I could find some cute little jars just like she used.

Bakers Royale threw down with the very spring appropriate Strawberry Shortcake Bars. Not only are the bright pink (natural coloring people, no worries), but they are also coated in the perfect streusel topping! I think I want to take that topping and eating it on its own. For realsies.

Need more strawberry? Because I know I do. And let’s add in some chocolate chips, okay? All that goodness equals Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cake from Eat at Home Cooks. From the perfect strawberry icing to the sweet chocolate chips, this cake is sure to be a winner.

And for the final recipe share, more strawberry! (I’m sensing that summer is coming soon) Confessions of a Cookbook Queen made these luxurious Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes with homemade strawberry filling on top. Pretty and light? Yes, please.

– Niki