Early summer favorites

I’m back in the food blogging world, and it seems like everyone has been keeping busy in my absence. There are a ton of new recipes to check out, with me eagerly looking at each one as a possibility.

This strawberry cheesecake tart from A Recipe a Day is super simple and an excellent way to make use of one of the most perfect summer fruits: strawberries!

One of my most favorite food bloggers, At Home in Alaska, came up with the perfectly divine combination of cream cheese, strawberries, and chocolate in her latest pound cake recipe. There’s nothing like the dynamic duo of chocolate and strawberries on top of cake!

A simplistic cheesecake recipe is jazzed up with simple jelly and a white chocolate squiggle in Bakerella’s latest post. It gives me comfort to know that even the professionals get cracks in their cheesecakes.

After many months of watching and waiting, the infamous Chockylit has finally posted again on her blog Cupcake Bakeshop. Readers are awarded with a grape cupcake recipe, as unusualness seems to be her speciality.

These tiny jasmine cakes from Dessert First look exceptionally beautiful and delicate. Using flower essences is something that I’m not fond of, but I can’t resist this as a birthday cake option!

I ❤ cuppycakes lastest recipe is based off of a fast food place I’ll never be able to go to because Jack-in-the-Boxes don’t exist in New Jersey. Hey, I was happy enough to finally get a Sonic. Her burger cupcakes are a sweet take on the old classic cheeseburger cookies.



This week’s cookies and cake

It’s been an exhausting Spring break, definitely not long enough, but I am glad to be back at school, even if I do have to go to class. I spent Sunday night baking, unpacking, and getting caught up with all my fellow food bloggers, and now here I am at Thursday, wondering where my week went!

As usual, A Recipe a Day has another fantastic looking recipe for us to drool over. Her strawberry Waldorf cake may be made from a Betty Crocker mix, but anything with strawberries is a definite thumbs-up from me!

At Home in Alaska won my heart with her recipe for orange-flavored Milano cookies. I love the Pepperidge farm originials, but how could I not want my own version?

The spring chickens at Bakerella make me want to go “AWWWWWW” for an exceptionally long amount of time just because they’re so darn cute! I don’t know if I would be able to eat anything so delicious.

Baking Bites grabbed my attention this week with a post about an awesome new cake pan: the pull apart bunny. It’s true! Now, in addition to your chocolate bunnies, you can murderously tear apart this cake!

This was the week for chocolate recipes. Cooking for Comfort showcased a simple, but delicious-looking recipe for Toll House Pie that I think I’m going to have to put on my to-bake list. Examining the ingredient list, I think it’s a chocolate chip cookie pie … only better.

My heart was torn when I saw Smitten Kitchen’s latest post about icebox cupcakes, I think my heart skipped a couple of beats. I have been wanting to make her icebox cake since for weeks, and now she comes up with her own recipe for smaller versions?!


Bakers Anonymous’ favorites!

I love a good holiday, and yesterday’s Saint Patrick’s Day seemed to bring out the creative side in all my fellow bloggers. Here are my favorites for this week!

A Recipe a Day worked on creating a beautiful menu for a bridal shower. Simple and delicious, these tea sandwiches are just the thing to fill up a tummy without taking up the “cake” room.

At Home in Alaska made a stunning pistachio cake for Saint Patrick’s Day. I totally approve of putting pudding in the cake mix to make it moist. You never know what could happen to your Bundt cake.

Just returned from the Pioneer Woman ranch, Bakerella mixed up some green Bundt cake for Saint Patrick’s day using matcha, a sweet Japanese green tea. What an interesting way to get color in your food without using dye! (I have to remember that . . .)

A delicious 1-2-3-4 chocolate cake graced the front page of Cooking for Comfort, something different than the typical emerald baked goods. While there are more than four ingredients, the name comes from the base recipe requirements: one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, and four eggs.

How could I not give out kudos to Something New is Cooking who posted a recipe for homemade chocolate pudding? While I am pudding-mix kind of girl myself (thank goodness that my boyfriend doesn’t mind that!), I can always appreciate when someone goes out and makes the real thing.

Cupcake Project deserves a huge pat on the back when it comes to her latest recipe, Carob Cupcakes with Chicory, Dates, Figs, and Almonds. While the recipe looks out of my league, it sounds and looks exotic. I wish I could have one! 😦


This week’s treats

I have been a terribly bad girl when it comes to this blog of mine and I feel terrible that there hasn’t been a new recipe in what must be close to two weeks! Even now I’m not posting a new recipe, just collecting my favorites from my favorite bloggers this week. Check back later this week for the latest from Bakers Anonymous. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

A Recipe A Day takes the cake for her March 4 recipe of Key Lime Cake. I’ve seen a lot of recipes for “poke cakes” (cakes with poked holes filled with desired filling) recently, and I’m still on the fence about whether I like them or not. On the other hand, key lime is a delicious tribute to spring!

My newsest blogger friend, Bakerella, detailed her baking experiences with Pioneer Woman at the Pioneer Woman ranch. She was excited to learn the chocolate sheet cake recipe.

I’m definitely glad to see this lower fat carrot sheet cake recipe from Baking Bites! All too often carrot cake with its delicious coating of cream cheese frosting is forgotten because there’s no chocolate in it.

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, Cookie Madness broke out the Bailey’s Irish Cream for her brownie pie. What’s better than a little chocolate mixed with your favorite Saint Patty’s Day drink?

Boston cream pie was the March 4 star at Something new is Cooking. A simple, layered cake with vanilla pudding filling and a decadent chocolate glaze, it’s sure to be a hit with the kids!

Alaskan Mom, author of the blog What’s Baking, has switched to a new home, At Home in Alaska. Her latest creation is a tempting maple nut banana bread.


This week’s baked favorites

My fellow food bloggers are amazing to the point of where I want to quit college and do nothing but bake and blog every day! Then I realize I’m 19 years-old and kind of need a college degree. Oh well. While I’m waiting to actualize my pastry dreams, these are some of my favorite recipes this week.

A Recipe a Day made Hawaiian rolls with her bread machine this week, though she did have a few qualms with the recipe. Too much lemon flavor “detracted” from the roll itself.

Simple chocolate chip cookies were the Mar. 1 post on Cookie Madness. Baked on the top rack of her oven at 300 degrees, a lower temperature than the traditional 375, these cookies will come out super chewy!

The latest recipe from Half Baked boggled my mind. It just doesn’t make sense to me that a chocolate cake could be made without flour. I mean, how does it become CAKE?!

What could be better than a root beer and chocolate cake? ADD CHOCOLATE FROSTING. Sweet Tooth was definitely tuning into my brain waves this past week when she posted a recipe from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking.

What could be more delicious than Pumpkin Coffee Cake? Tami’s Kitchen Table Talk came up with this delicious variation on the beloved coffee cake when she discovered she didn’t have vanilla pudding! See? Mistakes CAN bring joy.

What’s baking? cleverly used cherry pie filling in her Cherry Delights because regular cherries were not available in her grocery stores. Pie filling is definitely something to keep on hand when the fruits you want are out of season. It’s not just for pies anymore!