To-Bake List

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As I bake my way through life, I’ve come across recipes that I want to try. This is my to-bake list, recipes that I will compile so not only I can bake them, but also you!

April 30, 2009 – Surfing the internet once more, and even though it’s becoming summer time, I’m still drawn to baking. I WANT TO MAKE THESE BROWNIES but it’s too hot. Hmpf. 😦

RainbowApril 14, 2009 – I just saw rainbow cupcakes on I ❤ cuppycakes and I cannot wait to make them! The bright colors are so exciting, and using vanilla cupcake mix just leaves it wide open for any flavor combinations I might want to tackle!

Chocolate wafersMarch 12, 2009 – One of my latest desires has been for a dessert that is original, delicious, and chocolatey! I recently came across a recipe for Icebox cake from one of my favorite bloggers that looks a-mazing. It is a simple cake made from whipped cream, hard-to-find wafer cookies, and chocolate shavings. How could I NOT want to make this cake? (Note to readers: I’ve made this several times already. One of these days I’ll get around to posting it for you!)

tom-douglas-seattle-kitchenMarch 5, 2009 – Tom Douglas’ Triple Coconut Cream Pie is rumored to be the best pie in all of Seattle, possibly all of the world. I once had Triple Coconut Cream Pie at a restaurant in Voorhees and have been dreaming of it ever since.

Sweet Dessert PaniniFeb. 26, 2009Sweet Dessert Panini: one of the few recipes from Paula Deen that doesn’t use butter!