Just a quick visit

My dear Bakers Anonymous family, I’m moving in just over a month. And the above city (that’s Baltimore, in case you didn’t know), is destined to be my new home. I visited there this past weekend to a little recon, and would you believe it? I didn’t eat a single baked good!

Okay. I had an apple danish at the continental breakfast on Monday morning, but I was not about to take a picture of it. My grammy made me change out of my pajamas because she didn’t think it was¬†appropriate¬†for me, in my Courier Post Deal Chick t-shirt, to be wandering amongst the good, clean people.


So, that’s where I was this weekend. Enjoy the pretty scenery and I’ll do my best to be back next week with some deeeeelicious no-bake treats. It’s not like I don’t have enough of them tacked away on my Pinterest board.

– Niki


Cherry Baby Cakes Recipe

Check out this beautiful Cherry Baby Cakes recipe that I found on the Better Homes and Gardens website. I know it’s not no-bake, but I couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you.

I know I’ve been lazy recently, but I promise that there is plenty coming, soon!