Saturday Recipe Round-Up, Week I lost track

Can you believe it? Today is our 99th post! And it’s only taken us three years to get here.

And oh, what a long three years it has been.

We’ve moved from kitchen to kitchen, changed photography styles and even updated the layout of the blog. I can hardly believe how far we’ve come since our very first post.

In honor of such an auspicious occasion, let’s check out some of the delicious things I’ve found this week on the wonderful world of Pinterest.

These delicious white chocolate peppermint pretzels from Armstrong Family Fare make me long for the days of winter (and even fall) when candy canes are readily available and minty food is more acceptable. Why should these delicious treats be exiled to one holiday?

When I was in high school, I would eat circus animal cookies for lunch every day. Okay, sometimes I would have Doritos or ice cream instead, but more often than not, I could be found with a bag of these colorful treats in my hand. That’s why these Circus Animal Cookie Truffles are absolutely perfect! I love that the Domestic Rebel used the bright pink color, too.

I love reading my fellow bloggers’ posts, but sometimes you need to go back to the big guys, right? This lemon cream cheese cake is absolutely beautiful and simple to make. Thank you for that one, Pillsbury.

Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures came up with these delicious homemade Mounds bars, and as we all know, Bakers Anonymous loves some coconut.

And finally, what about some no-bake cookies? Peanut butter and cornflakes combine to create deliciousness, courtesy of Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy, that she names “holycraptheseareamazing.”


So while I bask in the glory of my 99th post, I’m going to eat some M&M cookies (still good a few days later) and think about some celebratory thing for my 100th post. Any ideas?

– Niki


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