Recipe Round-Up (More than a little delayed…)

hey there, Bakers Anonymous family. Umm. This is typically a Saturday event, but I was a tad bit busy. You see …


I’m more than excited for her (freakin’ thrilled really), and cannot wait to start planning the wedding (I mean, helping to plan the wedding. Check my sweet wedding planning Pinterest board. I have refused to start one for myself because I think it’s ridiculous to plan non-existent weddings. But that’s just me).

So I was a tad bit distracted. And then there was her graduation party. And then there was Freelance Work Sunday.

And now there’s regular work Monday. But guess what? I found all of these awesome brownie-related recipes.

Confessions of a Cookbook Queen made these amazing brownie truffles using pantry staples! And it’s no-bake. With the crazy, million degree-weather we’ve been having lately, why try to bake anything?

Ever heard of brownie batter bark? Well, now you have, AND you have the awesome recipe courtesy of Cookies & Cups.

If you’re looking to cool down, try these brownie sundae bonbons from Bakerella. She uses a delicious (but small) scoop of ice cream in the center and tops it off with a brownie. Keep these in your freezer for an instant bite of happiness.

A great dish to serve at your summer parties would be these Rolo brownie trifles. Layers of ice cream, brownies and the chocolate-caramel confection named Rolos combine to create the perfect warm-weather treat from Bakingdom.

And if you are in the mood for some baking, try Bakers Royale’s brownie sandwich cookies (with salted caramel creme filling!). Chewy brownies plus a simple creme filling make for a tasty, hand-held treat.

Stay tuned for our regularly scheduled Wednesday update!
– Niki 


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