Happy Father’s Day

My father and I, circa May 2011. Ah, graduation.

Hey there, Bakers Anonymous family.

So, tomorrow is Father’s Day. And for as long as I can remember, I have been a daddy’s girl to the core. I’m the oldest out of five, and the most like my father; in my earliest recollections, I wandered the town at my father’s side, “helping” him with computer and alarm work.

And even though I haven’t lived at home for nearly five years, I still love to spend time with my daddy, quoting lines from our favorite movies and television shows, discussing the trials of owning cars (that don’t want to work all the time) and sometimes sharing recipes.

This would be the part where I list out five of the favorite recipes I’ve come across this week in my Internet travels, but to very honest with you, this has been a slow week for all of us. Instead, please check out my to-bake list and gather up some baking inspiration of your own.

I’ll see you all back here on Wednesday with the recipe for my Father’s Day present!

– Niki


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