Chocolate Crunch Cups

So, I’m more than a little in love with Star Crunch.

Oh, you know what I’m talking about. That delicious, chewy caramel middle, the crunchy crisps around it and that milk chocolate coating.

Sure, it’s packed with preservatives and maybe none of it is real chocolate, crisps or caramel, but that doesn’t stop me from buying a box every now and again to enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of summertime and childhood.

The best part about making your own Star Crunch is that it takes hardly any time at all. The worst part is that I still haven’t figured out the exact recipe. For now, we’ll stick with these. Next time, homemade Star Crunch perfection. You better believe it.

Chocolate Crunch Cups

1 box of Rice Krispies (not the big box. The smaller one)
1 jar of Herhey’s caramel topping
1 10 oz package of Nestle’s dark chocolate morsels

1. In a large mixing bowl, mix together all of the chocolate chips and the caramel sauce.
2. Microwave for one minute at thirty second intervals, making sure to stir in between. After the one minute, stir the chocolate and caramel until smooth.
3. Mix in half the box of Rice Krispies. Thoroughly coat the cereal.
4. Add the rest of the cereal for a super crunchy treat or a quarter box more for crunchy and chocolatey treat. I went for the whole box because I don’t wait. Ever.
5. Once you’re finished mixing in the cereal, pack cupcake liners with as much of the cereal mixture as you want. I filled my liners as high as small cupcakes.
6. Put these in the fridge to set up. I also keep my cups in there for storage. It’s getting warm out.

Makes thirty cupcake-sized cups or sixty half-sized bites. I say, perfect for a party!

Niki’s Note: Stay tuned for when I update this recipe with an even closer version to the real thing!


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