Almond Joy Snaps

What can I say? I love coconut, especially Almond Joys (and Mounds, can’t forget them). A few years ago, I made homemade Almond Joys and I couldn’t keep them in my fridge, my residents loved them so much. Well, to be honest, it was only one resident, but he did have a tendency to come into my apartment unannounced, look through my fridge and freezer for food and then leave.

Ah, the joys of being a resident assistant.

This week, I made a simple, no-bake treat that looks (and tastes) like it took longer to make than it really did. The secret to this recipe is the hard-to-find Nabisco Famous chocolate wafers, which are often used in the icebox cake, another treat that I have made many times with great success. The wafers add a delicious and fresh crunch to these deconstructed Almond Joys.

These snaps will be a sweet and refreshing no-bake cookie on a summer day, or as presents. Just package one or two in a pretty bag!

Almond Joy Snaps

1 box of Nabisco Famous chocolate wafers (about 45 cookies, give or take. Some will be broken)
1 bag of Baker’s Angel flake coconut
1 C chopped almonds (you can toast these, I didn’t. Probably will next time)
3/4 C Karo Lite corn syrup
1 bag (at least 2 C) of semi-sweet chocolate chips

1. Pour the 3/4 C of corn syrup  into a medium microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for three minutes. The corn syrup should be in a rapid boil that settles down once you remove it from the microwave.
2. Mix in the bag of coconut one cup at a time. The coconut will soak up the corn syrup.
3. Stir in the one cup of almond pieces.
4. Let the mixture sit in the bowl for a half hour or more.
5. When you’re ready to assemble the cookies, melt the chocolate in the microwave at 30-second intervals.
6. Smear a dollop of chocolate on a wafer. Top with one to two tablespoons of the coconut-almond mixture, spreading to the edges.
7. Drizzle the chocolate over the top, layering on as much as you want. Some cookies I did a drizzle pattern, others I did a smooth top over the whole top.
8. Put the cookies in the freezer (I did mine six at a time) for about ten minutes. This will give the chocolate enough time to set up. Remove the cookies from the freezer.
9. Cookies should be left out uncovered overnight for the coconut mixture to dry out.

Makes about 40 to 45 cookies, depending how many wafers remain unbroken in your cookie package.

Niki’s Note: After letting these sit out overnight, not only did the coconut dry out to perfection, but the mixture also soaked into the cookie, softening it into a cake-like treat (this is the same thing that happens to the icebox cake).


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