My sabbatical – a temporary goodbye to Bakers Anonymous

A sabbatical is a hiatus from work for two months, usually lasting one year. I know that this blog, this blog that I love, has not been updated as much as I know that it demands, but with the current kitchen in my building, and my mind being in the state it currently is, I have decided to put Bakers Anonymous on the backburner and take a sabbatical from it.

I know that in time, I will find the kitchen of my dreams, a kitchen that I can call my own, and then I will be able to return to this blog that was, and is, my first home on the Internet, and I will be forever grateful to it, and to you, the readers that keep my page views climbing day after day.

My hope for this blog is that many readers will find recipes that they come to love and make for themselves, and one day, when I’m ready to come back, I know that Bakers Anonymous will be ready, waiting for me.

Thank you all, dear friends!

Nicole Reagan

Niki’s Note: While you’re waiting for me to post more recipes to the well-beloved Bakers Anonymous, please check out my brand-new home and growing online portfolio, In time.