Memorial Day fun


I may not have gone to a memorial day parade, or even worn our country’s colors, but in my heart, I remember all the men and women of the service who have died and lived in honor of the United States of America. Both of my grandfathers, my grandmother, my father, and my boyfriend, who came home from his tour of duty in Iraq in December, served with pride in the military. I am proud to call them family.

Today Grammy and I feasted on delicious Johnsonville Brats and corn on the cob. I am delighted to announce that brats are even better than hot dogs, but don’t think that will make me change my loyalties during an old-fashioned summer grill.

Here are two desserts that Grammy and I partook of:

Chocolate Fudge Cake from the New Vincentown Diner:

chocolate cake

Personal watermelons from BJ’s:


We still have a whole watermelon left, so I’m going to see if I can’t come up with a recipe that includes it. Watermelon cake?

Nothing crazy happened today, but I’m going to turn in early all the same. I have some summer recipes I’m eager to try out, and a LOT of cleaning I need to do. Remind me never to move this much stuff again?

Flag picture provided courtesy of McCubrey


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