This week’s food blog faves

The spring weather is slowly trickling into South Jersey and with it some interesting recipes from my fellow food bloggers. I’ve been looking for a “welcome spring” recipe myself, and I think I might find it here!

I absolutely love copycat recipes, and this strawberry NutriGrain recipe from At Home in Alaska is the perfect treat. The ingredient list makes me smile, too – I’m addicted to cake mix!

Flourless chocolate cake is back and even better than even before. Bakerella actually got the chance to meet one of my favorite chefs ever, Paula Deen, and the cake recipe is one of Paula’s own.

Not much is simpler than a traditional magic bar, named so for the “magic” that happens when the ingredients come together. Baking Bites made this simple dessert successfully (of course!).

Since it’s warmer in other parts of the country than here, ice cream is suddenly a big hit! Dessert First made cocoa nib ice cream with the addition of tonka beans. I don’t even know what those are.

I just had to mention these caramel apple turnovers from My Baking Adventures. Not only do they look really simple, but also extremely delicious. And I have apples!

This chocolate-orange punch bowl cake from Something New is Cooking is too simple to pass up. Many of the ingredients are pre-made, which makes assembly of this dessert quick, easy, and fulfilling!



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