My 20th birthday bashapalooza!


Birthday bashapaloozas are pretty much the best kind of party ever. I can’t remember a happier birthday or having so many people who loved me all around me at once. Simply put, I had an amazing time at the Phily Diner, the typical hang-out of my friends and me. I came home loaded with four bags full of baking goodness. Take a look!

Birthday Collage

1. Wilton sugar crystals and icing flavoring

2. Five different sizes of decorating bags (with a 28 piece tip set!)

3. Angled measuring cup, two over-sized cooling racks, a dozen Wilton icing colors, egg separator, towels, and cookbook!

4. Chocolate mousse cake from Phily Diner. This cake’s a little bedraggled from travel in the cake box. Poor cake. Still delicious, though!

5. A frog cookie jar! Adorableness at its best.

6. Philadelphia cream cheese cookbook

7. Nearly seven pounds of Cadbury mini eggs!!

8. Roul Pat is very similar to Sil Pat. This silicone mat is amazing. Made in France! I’m in love.

(top photo, bottom) My boyfriend let me open this present at midnight on my birthday. I’m so excited to see how my Wilton puzzle cakes will turn out!

Want to see larger versions of these photos? Check these out!


One thought on “My 20th birthday bashapalooza!

  1. Happy Birthday!! What wonderful baking goodies! The cookie jar is absolutely adorable. The Wilton puzzle cake kit looks so cute. I haven’t seen those kits in any of the stores up here in Alaska, so I haven’t tried it…but I can’t wait to see how your puzzle cakes turn out. I bet they’ll be adorable. 🙂

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