A banana split in one container

Blue Bunny Ice Cream

When Grammy and I feel like it, we can be ice cream snobs. During my first summer at her house, we spent the entire time eating Blue Bunny Champs cones. That summer was the first time I’d ever eaten Blue Bunny ice cream. It was an eye-opening experience, changing the way I viewed the world of half gallon cartons forever.

My grocery store doesn’t carry the Blue Bunny brand in containers (Grammy suggests that I talk to customer service to show them that there’s a market for such items, but I don’t know. I feel weird), so when I went home and saw Blue Bunny Banana Split ice cream in the fridge, I knew that I was about to taste something amazing.

Banana splitThis ice cream truly is a full desert in a container. If you’ve been dreaming of banana splits but don’t have the time to make it with all the trimmings, then this is an ice cream for you.

Banana and fudge swirl through vanilla ice cream, a delicious combination that leaves you wondering just how they got banana to swirl. Add diced pineapple, which you don’t really taste, maraschino cherries (some actually remain whole!), and mixed nuts, and you have a full dessert ready to go.

deliciousness on a spoonQuick Facts:

Cost: $4.99

Serves: approx. 20 people on a two-scoop policy

Most delicious when: served without toppings!


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