Bakers Anonymous’ favorites!

I love a good holiday, and yesterday’s Saint Patrick’s Day seemed to bring out the creative side in all my fellow bloggers. Here are my favorites for this week!

A Recipe a Day worked on creating a beautiful menu for a bridal shower. Simple and delicious, these tea sandwiches are just the thing to fill up a tummy without taking up the “cake” room.

At Home in Alaska made a stunning pistachio cake for Saint Patrick’s Day. I totally approve of putting pudding in the cake mix to make it moist. You never know what could happen to your Bundt cake.

Just returned from the Pioneer Woman ranch, Bakerella mixed up some green Bundt cake for Saint Patrick’s day using matcha, a sweet Japanese green tea. What an interesting way to get color in your food without using dye! (I have to remember that . . .)

A delicious 1-2-3-4 chocolate cake graced the front page of Cooking for Comfort, something different than the typical emerald baked goods. While there are more than four ingredients, the name comes from the base recipe requirements: one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, and four eggs.

How could I not give out kudos to Something New is Cooking who posted a recipe for homemade chocolate pudding? While I am pudding-mix kind of girl myself (thank goodness that my boyfriend doesn’t mind that!), I can always appreciate when someone goes out and makes the real thing.

Cupcake Project deserves a huge pat on the back when it comes to her latest recipe, Carob Cupcakes with Chicory, Dates, Figs, and Almonds. While the recipe looks out of my league, it sounds and looks exotic. I wish I could have one! 😦



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