Fourty-nine cent cookbooks? YES PLEASE.


The Goodwill Store in my hometown is probably the coolest second-hand store I’ve ever known. Shopping in consignment stores generally make feel uncomfortable, like I’ve traveled back to the 70s and shouldn’t exist, but Goodwill is cool. I’m all about buying clothes from there (five dollar jeans, come on), but today was all about staring at an entire wall of books until my eyes crossed. That didn’t happen, of course, but I did manage to dig out a few hardcover treasures that hadn’t see the light of day in several decades.


Microwave cooking, a 1989 Best Recipes Yearbook from Better Homes and Gardens, and a pasta cookbook are just three of the nine books that I plucked from the back shelf. Looking through each of these books made me laugh because much of the information is outdated, such as the presentation of the dishes or the way a cake was decorated. On the other hand, the recipes inside are still valid, and I can’t wait to try out some of the microwavable desserts (hmm).

Bon Appetit CookbooksThe best find of the day was made by my Grammy. In a stack of novels, she pulled out a boxed set of 1983 cookbooks from Bon Appetit. They were packed in a VHS tape box. Deliberately! I was so surprised that I had to get it immediately. For two dollars, I wasn’t about to let someone else snatch up these books!

It was a successful day of shopping and relaxing. Now I’m all geared up to go poking around for more second-hand stores!


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