Paula Deen’s Sweet Dessert Panini

Paula Deen wins my heart with this delectable and easy treat.

Paula Deen is one of my most favorite chefs in the entire world. Her winning smile, cheerful demeanor, and fabulously fashionable gray hair draws you into her warm kitchen.

Though she cooks everything with a ridiculous amount of butter (she is a Southern lady, after all), Paula’s Sweet Dessert Panini only uses butter to grease the pan. 

Good job on saving our arteries, Paula! I plan on making these soon with my favorite brand of hazelnut spread, Nutella.


photo from Foodnetwork

One thought on “Paula Deen’s Sweet Dessert Panini

  1. This was an easy awesome recipe. Perfect just as you made it. I added powdered sugar on top and some friends even put peanut butter fudge inside that we had on hand at our get-together and said that made it even better. Thanks

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