Time for dessert

It’s time to focus on the most important meal of the day – dessert. There’s something soothing about digging your fork into a moist piece of frosted cake or biting into a fresh-baked cookie. Dessert unites people in a bond of smiley-faced happiness that not even athletics can surpass.

That’s my opinion, anyway.

I’m Nicole Reagan, sophomore college student, with a sweet tooth bigger than New Jersey. For as long as I can remember, I have gravitated to the bakery in every grocery store I have ever been in. The smell of warm chocolate wafting from an oven is the smell of comfort and home, and on my worst days, baking takes my mind off of all my problems. I’m no pastry chef, though it did used to be my dream job, but I take my recipe cards in hand and pray that the concocotion I’m stirring up in my mixing bowl doesn’t explode before I pour it into the cupcake pans.

I come from a family of five kids, and I know what it means to have NO time when it comes to meal planning. My poor mother would often throw together leftovers just to feed our hungry mouths. “Dessert” was something that happened on special occasions, like Christmas or the 12th of never. This is why I am committed to using cookie dough, cake mix, and ice cream from a carton in as many of my recipes as possible. When there are only 24 hours in a day and 26 of them are taken up by homework, brothers and sisters, work, school, babysitting, natural disasters, kids, terrible traffic on the Turnpike, and that one man who takes just a little bit too long in the fast food line, it’s necessary to find shortcuts in life.

It’s my plan to make baking delicious desserts as simple as possible. I’m going to delve into the very heart of supermarket bakeries to uncover hidden pre-made dessert treasures (or the worst pieces of baked goods to ever come out of an oven). I’m going to traverse South Jersey diners and restaurants tasting their desserts and creating my own recipes from it. I will tear apart professional chef’s recipes to create simpler versions, all in the name of honest baking!

Let’s preheat the oven to 350 degrees, shall we?


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